• 2013 Ford Fiesta

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  • Sep 2021
    It is easy to drive in manual. It handles well and has good power for the fuel usage. It is quiet riding and has a good sounding stereo. I find the driver's seat position a bit too far to the left.
    —Scott P - 2013 Ford Fiesta ZETEC
  • Jun 2021
    I have found this car si easy to drive it handles well on the road and I just love it!
    —JAYNE W - 2013 FORD FIESTA 1.6 Lx
  • Apr 2021
    We love the car as a whole for our little family
    —Odessa D - 2013 Ford Fiesta Trend
  • Mar 2021
    Great wee car and good value for money.
    —Carolyn S - 2013 Ford fiesta TREND NZ NEW
  • Nov 2019
    Very impressed with this little car. Has everything I need. Beautiful colour and drives smoothly.
    —Destiny M - 2013 Ford Fiesta
  • Apr 2019
    This was priced very well in today’s market
    —Fleur E - 2013 Ford Fiesta 5DR 1.6 LX A
  • Aug 2017
    A very peppy little car and great to drive and park.
    —Deborah F - 2013 Ford Fiesta 5DR 1.6 A ZETEC
  • Jul 2017
    I needed a car that the driver's door would open wide enough to get an obstinate and stiff knee and leg in without too much pain and this car did it.
    —Susan S - 2013 Ford Fiesta NZ New Sporty 1.6L Hatch Auto