• 2014 Toyota Vitz

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  • Dec 2021
    The Vitz we traded in was a 2006 model so this 2014 model has many improvements. It doesn't sound like the clutch is slipping as it did in my previous Vitz. Smoother ride. Reversing camera. Feels more solid. Excellent condition inside and out. A band expander was put in free of charge.
    —Charles P - 2014 Toyota Vitz Jewela
  • Nov 2021
    I like my car easy to use it, for me it's nice.
    —Maria R - 2014 Toyota Vitz Jewela
  • Aug 2021
    A great car
    —Adele D - 2014 Toyota VITZ
  • Jul 2021
    Great for a small family
    —Bonnie-May L - 2014 Toyota Vitz RS
  • Jun 2021
    So happy it's a we cutie
    —Susan N - 2014 Toyota Vitz
  • Jun 2021
    Great vehicle pleased with my purchase
    —Andrea B - 2014 Toyota VITZ F
  • Apr 2021
    Toyota Vitz are easy to drive. I am very happy with how they look and the size. Fits our family perfect!
    —Jeanie H - 2014 Toyota Vitz 1.3F Low Mileage !
  • Apr 2021
    I just loved it from the time I saw this car on the web site When I seen it in real time it was just what I was looking for, perfect for me. I love love love driving it.
    —Jellena B - 2014 Toyota Vitz
  • Mar 2021
    Great car!!! i brought it as my Driving School car and am very happy.
    —Lynda B - 2014 Toyota Vitz 1.3U
  • Oct 2020
    at 1.3 litre engine it is not a power house but more than adequate for our needs
    —Colleen M - 2014 Toyota VITZ F
  • Aug 2020
    Easy to drive
    —ALAN J - 2014 Toyota Vitz
  • Jul 2020
    This model lacks covered storage and no shelf over the boot space, so security of things left in the car needs to always be considered, However, I have managed to keep less "stuff" in the boot and the tinted windows are very effective.
    —Lynette W - 2014 Toyota VITZ 1.3 G New Shape
  • Mar 2020
    It’s a great car and I’d recommend it to anyone.
    —Janice S - 2014 Toyota Vitz F
  • Dec 2019
    Great features and lovely to drive.
    —Peter P - 2014 Toyota Vitz
  • Aug 2019
    Seems like a good Car.
    —Quality Rental Management LTD - 2014 Toyota Vitz
  • Mar 2019
    It is an amazing car that if maintained well and regularly, can serve a good purpose.
    —Derick S - 2014 Toyota Vitz 1.3 vvti super low ks
  • Feb 2019
    The car was good value for money (confirmed by my insurance company and by a comparison with other similar vehicles on the market).
    —KAREN W - 2014 Toyota Vitz F S